Choosing a real estate agent when selling a home:

The real estate agent can help you throughout the sale – from making a price to the house to finding a buyer and completing the deal.

The real estate agent’s duties


If you use a real estate agent, there are a number of tasks that he must perform under the Real Estate Act. He must:
Make a written dissemination agreement.

A brokerage agreement is a specification of tasks that you have agreed to handle for you, and make a sales calculation and show you a sales budget.

Tax your home and appreciate it

Tax your home and appreciate it

Many real estate agents offer to do this for free, as they are interested in getting the job of selling your home and doing the necessary research and obtaining and checking documents and information relevant to the home business. Information about it, the mortgage, which can be taken over by the buyer.

Make a sales statement with information on housing key figures, housing expenses, and net costs associated with homeownership and use.

Recommends you on the needs and opportunities to come up with a draft purchase agreement.

Negotiate with interested buyers

Negotiate with interested buyers

Help correct that trade. “Correction” to say that trading will be implemented in practice. It is usually the buyer’s advisor responsibility for this. Your real estate agent must be sure that you are entitled to give you a definitive statement of the costs and duties he has incurred in connection with the sale.

In addition, a real estate agent to help you:

To market your home, in newspapers, on the Internet and so on.
To show the house to interested buyers
To satisfy your home loan.
The real estate agent’s obligations

The real estate agent, according to the Act on the sale of real estate is to fulfill a number of requirements:
Real estate agents must give objective advice. He / she must therefore not act as an advisor to both buyer and seller in the same trade.

Real estate agents must live up to good real estate practice. If he sells financial services like bank loans, insurance or similar, this must also be clear.

You should always get offers from more than one real estate agent. Remember that price and quality are not always associated. Therefore, consider which services are in the real estate agent’s price. If a real estate agent is expensive, ask what you get for the higher price. Is this the example, multiple ads or marketing through multiple stores?
Biggest rating not the highest selling price!

It is tempting to choose a real estate agent who has given the highest rating of your home. A high valuation may not necessarily equal a high sales price. In fact, a high valuation can mean that it takes a long time to sell the house. The broker’s assessment is indicative. Finally, the most important thing is what price, buyer and seller agree.

Save money by doing something yourself

Save money by doing something yourself

You can save money by taking care of parts of the trade yourself. For example, you can also view your home. Some real estate agents offer schemes where you stand for selected parts of the trade and thus save money on fees.