As we have written many times, we are constantly thinking and looking for ways that people can do better than average. We are proud to say that we have now found such an opportunity in the form of a Forint-based Equity Loan Agreement with Budapest Bank. In truth, we would not multiply the word because the facts speak for themselves. Below 2% THM? We didn’t believe it, but we did. Here are the details:

Let’s count together!


As always, you need to start with the calculator of now. Truth be told, it would be best if everyone had this home page. ? He has helped him make the right decision in countless situations and has pointed to millions of differences.

But let’s get to the point! Let’s take a $ 10 million loan for 20 years and set our earnings at $ 300,000 net! The first offer that the calculator puts out is the Budapest Bank loan mentioned in the introduction. The monthly repayment is HUF 56,770 and the APR is 3.27%.

So far, nothing really has happened besides finding a cheap loan that might be good for us. But now the java is coming! Making cheap credit even cheaper!


If you look closely, during the interest period (which in this case is 6 months), you will see the words ” personalization “. Click on it!

Then the menu will drop down and we can make new settings. In fact, Budapest Bank was given the opportunity to encourage its customers to save money. So in return, it gives you a discount, not even a little.

If we set up a savings equivalent to our 3-month income (900,000 forints) and commit to save 40,000 forints per month, our credit becomes cheaper than the cheap.

This will shorten our maturity by 35 months to just 205 months

This will shorten our maturity by 35 months to just 205 months

Specifically, this will shorten our maturity by 35 months to just 205 months. Let’s just think about what that means. You do not have to pay $ 25 for 35 times. That’s almost $ 2 million more, $ 1,986,950. The THM is thus 1.97%.

Well, we told you right from the start that we were making cheaper loans even cheaper. This has been done. Contact us! And we’re still showing you credit options that you wouldn’t have thought of.